My biggest tip for Post-Natal Mums getting back into exercise and thinking about their health and fitness is NOT TO RUSH.

Accept this:

  • Your body has just carried a baby for 9 months
  • You have just pushed a baby out and are still recovering 3–12months on
  • Your body is now a completely different body than it was 9 months ago.
  • Pre Baby Body? The best thing to do is forget about it and start from what you now have.
  • We are now breastfeeding, having sleepless nights, carrying a baby around, have less time, have different hormones in our bodies and now a full-on MUM!



Depending on what kind of pregnancy, birth and what number child this is- listen to your body and do what feels right. You may like to do nothing and just be at home. Or start going for some short walks to get out in the fresh air and get the body moving. Pelvic Floor Strengthening can start now- Pelvic Floor Program completed 3 days per week.


Short Walks, Pelvic Floor Programme 5 days/ week

8- 12 WEEKS

Depending on your birth, your pelvic floor, your baby, your time and how you are feeling. You can start to get into longer walks and an exercise regimen.


Listening to your body is the best thing. If you feel more energy, have more time and are ready to get back into an exercise regimen, then go for it! Start off with light weights and build up to heavier as the weeks go on.



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Alisha Harper

Alisha Harper

Owner and Designer of Flourish Maternity. Stylish Maternity & Nursing Wear at affordable prices.